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Weight Loss, Through Intensity

Category: Health

Weight loss doesn’t happen without exercise. Counting calories and eating the right foods is great, but you must get your body moving and keep it moving to keep those pounds off permanently. You must find some form of exercise or sport that you will enjoy and continue to participate in consistently, year after year. Once you have found the exercise or sport that keeps you moving you must become intense, to fully reap the benefits. What most people lack when working out or playing their favorite sport is intensity. I’m not talking about risking life and limb, nor am I talking about going psycho and starting fights. I’m talking about being mentally tough and challenging yourself, working hard and pushing yourself to burn more calories and build muscle, because muscle burns calories twenty-four hours a day.


Unfortunately, far too many people are just going through the motions when exercising, then they are surprised, disappointed, and frustrated when the unwanted pounds don’t disappear. Intensity is key to losing weight; you must intensify your workout both mentally and physically. Ever watch sports teams, most notably football teams, before the game starts? They are psyching themselves and their teammates up, working themselves up into an intense focus concerning one common goal. This is the mentality you must have before you exercise, you must psyche yourself up and produce an intense focus, and your focus should be to lose weight and gain muscle. Remember muscle burns calories twenty-four hours a day!


One pound is approximately thirty five hundred calories, think about that for a moment, in order to lose one pound in one week you would have to cut out five hundred calories from your daily food intake each day! This also means if you burn two thousand calories a day, but take in twenty five hundred calories each day, your body will store those extra five hundred calories as fat. Therefore, you can see that in order to lose weight you must expend more calories than you consume, this is the bottom line when it comes to losing weight, plain and simple. My point being, make each workout count, don’t just go through the motions, each time you do this it will result in a longer amount of time to reach your weight loss goal.


Psyche yourself up before each workout, intensify your workout, make the main focus of your workout to defeat those unwanted pounds and replace the fat with some muscle! Weight loss will not just happen, you have to be proactive and become a student of the game. The more information you have about the subject the better your chances for success! For more free tips, tricks and information on the subject, click this link www.freeweightlossandmusclegainlibrary.com

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